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Smart Windows

View Smart Windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun, increasing access to natural light and unobstructed views while eliminating the need for blinds and minimizing heat and glare. View Smart Windows improve occupant health and productivity, as well as reduce building energy usage.

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Immersive Display

View Immersive Display transforms smart windows into transparent, digital, interactive surfaces to enable immersive video conferencing, content creation, entertainment, informational presentations, advertisements, and much more.

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Building Analytics

View Building Analytics aggregates all building and tenant data, including occupancy, access control, digital collaboration, air quality, temperature, environmental factors, and more, into a consolidated dashboard to optimize every aspect of building operations and workplace experience.

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OT Network Security

View OT Network Security facilitates smart and secure management of global networked assets. It eliminates security threats and management oversight challenges faced by building owners through a powerful edge-to-cloud managed service solution.

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