Hewlett Packard Enterprise Is the Latest Tenant to Join America Center in San Jose

USAA Real Estate Company’s America Center II, developed by SteelWave in San Jose, CA is about to get a new tenant. Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced yesterday they are moving their headquarters to the 65 acre site in San Jose. This was a change from previous discussions they would be moving to Santa Clara.

View Glass is a partner at the America Center II, where occupants will find an eco-friendly and worker-friendly environment. The campus is surrounded by open space, walking and biking trails, and is near the San Francisco Bay. The building is LEED Gold certified and has View Dynamic Glass windows to provide natural, glare-free, and thermally consistent light to the tenants of the building. The site focuses on the health and wellness of its tenants by also featuring a café, a yoga studio, a fitness area, and a rooftop putting green.

A recent study has shown that building built with quality optimized natural light increases productivity and reduces worker fatigue, eyestrain, and other health issues.

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