Introducing View Intelligence 2.0
Erich Klawuhn – Vice President, Product Management

Introducing View Intelligence 2.0

As part of our ongoing efforts to create a more intelligent window, we’re excited to announce a major update to View Intelligence. Driven by our predictive intelligence engine, View Intelligence automatically responds to outdoor conditions, people’s preferences, and building layout to optimize the indoor climate and the outside view, creating more comfortable, productive, and energy-efficient interiors that help people thrive.

View Intelligence is entering its next generation and now integrates with third-party data providers for the first time – making for a connected predictive intelligence that not only responds to the direct environment around a building but also now takes into account factors beyond the immediate vicinity.

In its previous iteration, View Dynamic Glass with predictive intelligence was able to predict the sun’s movement and automatically adjust each window’s tint to anticipate the sun’s energy. In this second phase, View Dynamic Glass with the connected predictive abilities of View Intelligence 2.0 integrates outside data streams to inform the system in powerful new ways.

Today we are unveiling the first implementation: We are integrating advanced weather inputs into our tinting algorithm to predict not only the sun’s movement but also incoming weather conditions that are still over the horizon.

The goal of any intelligent system is to make it so fluid and natural in its behavior that eventually the people that it helps trust it implicitly and even forget that it is there – because it always does the right thing. This update marks a huge step toward ultimately realizing that vision for View Dynamic Glass.

Connected Predictive Intelligence

Adjusting the glass’ tint to accurately reflect the weather is a complex issue that we’ve been working to address since View’s inception. Up until now, we’ve relied on knowledge of the sun’s patterns combined with rooftop sensors to provide a real-time measurement of light levels, which in turn inform the behavior of View Dynamic Glass.

To take that one step further, we wanted to not only know what the cloud cover and weather was like in the moment, but also how it would evolve in the coming hours. With connected predictive intelligence, we have keyed in to information that will lead to a more seamless experience and ensure the glass is not overly responsive to the comings and goings of a few clouds, oscillating in undesirable ways.

To gain greater control over cloud cover, we tapped into the API, which provides accurate short-term and long-term weather predictions. View Dynamic Glass is now able to query this weather pattern data and apply it to its enhanced algorithm to make more intelligent tinting decisions and further enhance the occupant experience.

To see how View Intelligence helps organizations reap the benefits of natural sunlight without the heat and glare drawbacks that typically accompany it, we have created the following motion-graphic video. It shows how our intelligence accounts for numerous factors outside and inside the building to preserve the connection to the outdoors. See for yourself – click the play button on the video below:

View Predictive Intelligence

Included in the comprehensive package of View Intelligence 2.0 are our mobile apps that allow users to control View Dynamic Glass from anywhere, as well as create schedules, track energy efficiency and manage entire buildings from their iOS or Android devices.

Connected Predictive Intelligence In Action

Every building with View Dynamic Glass has built-in intelligence at the glass level, which means individual windows, zones or entire facades of buildings can be grouped as needed based upon building usage and then automatically controlled. This update optimizes tint levels through the new capability to determine in advance when and for how long scattered clouds, broken cloud cover or completely overcast skies will obstruct the sun and reduce the building’s solar load. Armed with this information, the glass can begin to adjust ahead of weather changes and optimize lighting inside for comfort and wellness.

For instance, previously the east façade of a building with View Dynamic Glass would automatically increase its tint level in anticipation of the sunrise to protect against the glare it would bring to that side of the building. Now, it is able to determine an hour before sunrise that it will be cloudy that morning and make the windows transparent, maximizing the amount of natural light for the people within.

What’s Next

View is the only company in the glass and façade industries with these connected predictive intelligence capabilities, and we’re excited to bring it to new and existing customers throughout North America. In addition to adding this capability to new projects, we will be pushing this update out to our current customers using View Intelligence so that their occupants can benefit from the reduced glare, improved heat control and enhanced energy efficiency of a more optimized View Dynamic Glass.

We look forward to pursuing additional integrations that can make our technology more connected, predictive and intelligent.

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