Smart Windows On the Rise in Chicago
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Smart Windows On the Rise in Chicago

What if you could sit at your desk during the work day, surrounded by natural light – and see your computer screen clearly and enjoy the comfortable temperature of the environment? As an added bonus – you can see out the window to your view of your community, your city that you love. As the day progresses, the light changes as the sun moves but your comfort doesn’t.

If you are an office worker – this may seem like a dream! For the tenants of 2017 N. Mendell, this will be their reality! This newly-renovated 62,000 square foot loft building by Baker Development Corporation, is the first Class A office building for entrepreneurs to emerge in Lincoln Park. Leveraging the technology of View Dynamic Glass, it has been built with a vision around the health and wellness of the tenants.

But not only office workers are getting these benefits, our officers in blue are enjoying the surrounding views at the new 30,000 square foot Glen Ellyn Police Department. View Dynamic Glass is installed in the lobby and community room keeping those spaces light and comfortable and letting police and visitors enjoy the surrounding park views.

Elevate Lincoln Park, 930 West Altgeld Street

So - what if … you also had these benefits at home? Residents at Elevate Lincoln Park, 930 West Altgeld Street are going to enjoy these same benefits. Located next to the newly renovated Apollo Theater in Lincoln Park, this 11-story, mixed-use development also by Baker Development, brings 191 luxury apartments on the market. With View Dynamic Glass, tenants can fully enjoy the spectacular views of the Chicago Skyline to break away, recharge and reflect.

And finally – what if students could get the same benefits? A recent study shows that for every degree of temperature over 70 degrees, test scores for students dropped a corresponding 1%. Meanwhile, the 70,000-square-foot new Sunset Ridge School partnered with View Dynamic Glass to ensure learning spaces have ample natural light - but without the heat and glare. The result is bright, flexible learning spaces that foster connection, productivity, and student engagement. Wight & Company led the design of the new building while Pepper Construction provided construction management.

Congratulations to ChiTown for being a leader in making indoor spaces more connected with our natural world!

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