The Start of Something New
Brett Murray - Vice President, Marketing

The Start of Something New

We are thrilled to be breaking ground here, and anticipate this becoming the home for a wide range of insightful posts, from the latest View developments to trends in architecture, design and technology.

The world of architecture and design is undergoing rapid change thanks to innovations and technologies that are transforming the building from a dormant structure into a living thing.

We’re quickly moving into new standards for intelligent building, and View Smart Windows are part of a new class of smart technologies enabling this rapid evolution.

While the concept of smart windows has been in incubation for half a century, we are executing the first large-scale commercialization of this game-changing technology. We are confident that the thoughtful approach we are taking, combined with state-of-the-art product development and the ability to scale our manufacturing with many options, will at last bring smart windows to the mainstream.

With each project we finish, we see the powerful change we make in elevating the experience for people inside of buildings as well as the performance of the buildings themselves. We are driven to bring all that View Smart Windows offer – the reduced carbon footprint, the greater architectural freedom, the enhanced wellbeing of people and much more – throughout North America and the world.

With approximately 25 billion square feet of architectural glass installed each year, we have a massive opportunity before us. Stay tuned and come back often to see the progress we’re making.

This will be your window into our world. Thanks for taking a look.

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