View Earns Healthcare Design Award
Brandon Tinianov – Sr. Director, Business Development

View Earns Healthcare Design Award

View Dynamic Glass has added another award to its mantle: the Silver Nightingale Award.

The Nightingale Awards, the industry’s only awards program for interior healthcare products that contribute to healing through product design and innovation, recognized View Dynamic Glass’ contributions to the healthcare built environment in the Architectural Products: Non-Clinical category.

Jurors selected 19 product winners from hundreds of exhibitors’ booths at the Healthcare Design Conference in San Diego, so we are delighted that View was able to make an impression in such a crowded field.

Among the many applications of View Dynamic Glass, healthcare is arguably the most significant, which is why we’re greatly honored by this distinction. The award is named after Florence Nightingale, a celebrated British reformer of hospitals in the 1800s whose mission still inspires us today.

As we all know, a hospital visit is rarely a welcome occasion, and traditionally the interior environment has done little to make that experience better. While research has indicated that views of the outdoors promote faster healing and natural daylighting can increase staff satisfaction, large window areas often create excess heat and glare, driving up energy costs. Hospitals have previously tackled this problem through complex shading structures, such as motorized blind systems, but technologies like View Dynamic Glass offer a new building skin to enhance the hospital experience and improve patient and staff wellness.

One of the judging criteria for the Nightingale Award is the product’s contribution to a healing environment. By providing uninterrupted views, enabling more natural light and rejecting glare and heat, View Dynamic Glass has helped hospitals and health centers throughout North America boost the mood for guests and patients. Our fast-growing healthcare portfolio includes the H. Marcus Radin Conference Center; the Methodist Olive Branch Hospital in Mississippi; and the Humber River Hospital in Toronto, Canada, set to open in fall of this year.

We believe View Dynamic Glass should be the center of any patient-focused healthcare building design, and this award validates that opinion.

Be sure to check out the January/February issue of Contract for the full list of Nightingale winners.

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