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December 15, 2015

Robyn Hannah - Senior Director, Communications

View is a Product Innovation Award Winner

As the market becomes more aware, developers, architects, and building owners are recognizing the importance of building materials that enhance comfort, productivity, and overall wellness of the people inside. Passionate about our mission to bring dynamic glass to the mainstream market, our team worked diligently to deliver a product that combines the best of Silicon Valley technology with the best in building materials and manufacturing- and we’re thrilled that it hasn’t gone unnoticed!

For second consecutive year, View Dynamic Glass and View’s Intelligence 2.0 were recognized in the November Issue of Architectural Products magazine and selected by top industry professionals as a 2015 Product Innovation Award (PIA) winner.

We deeply believe that sustainable, occupant-focused building design is the future. Wellness and environmental responsibility continue to be the epicenter for tomorrow’s smart cities. View is proud to be one of the organizations leading the charge to a better class of buildings that enhance the human experience indoors.

We’re excited to see continued industry validation of View Dynamic Glass.Since our first installation in 2012 at the W hotel in San Francisco, we’ve engaged in over 300 projects in North America with applications across education, hospitality, healthcare, and the corporate office space. (And yes, some very special residential projects as well!) Organizations such as, Century Link, Humber River Hospital- the first fully digital hospital in North America, SAP, Hilton Hotels, NASA, and Kaiser Permanente, have incorporated View Dynamic Glass into their building designs.

We’re honored to receive this award and look forward to our continued work in enhancing the built environment.

Click for details about the award on page 71 of the November online issue of Architectural Products magazine.

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