View Salutes America's Top 50 Glaziers
Todd Gray, View’s Director of Glazing

View Salutes America's Top 50 Glaziers

View salutes the top 50 glazing contractors of 2018 as recently ranked and named by USGlass Magazine. Of the 50, View has worked on projects with 22 of these craftspeople, often on multiple jobs. Of the top 10 glaziers, View has worked with 7.

Glaziers are often the unsung heroes of building projects - scaling heights, braving frigid temperatures or blistering sun and giving it their all to provide the best possible experience.

To be a good glazier you need:

· Balance.

To minimize the risk of falling, glaziers need a good sense of balance while working on ladders and scaffolding.

· Attention to detail.

Glaziers must work to very tight tolerances to ensure the system is built correctly.

· Physical stamina.

Glaziers must be on their feet and move heavy pieces of glass most of the day. They need to be able to hold glass in place until it can be fully secured.

· Physical strength.

Glaziers must often lift heavy pieces of glass for hanging. Physical strength, therefore, is important for the occupation.

Glaziers are known in real estate circles for their camaraderie. Safety comes first. They always look out for others. It’s great to see them get some well-deserved recognition.

When View works with glaziers, we try to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible for them. They’ve got enough to deal with already.

We give the glaziers a dedicated project manager who is available 24 hours a day throughout the project. We come to their shops and do hands on training with them. We walk the glaziers step by step through the whole process - from bidding to project completion.

To see a roll call of the top 50 glaziers visit this edition of USGlass Magazine.

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