Notice something different about the windows in this building?

Continuous outdoor views.

Just the right amount of natural light. 

This building is equipped with View Smart Windows, which automatically adjust their tint to keep you cool and comfortable without ever blocking the View.

No squinting. No sweating. No blinds. Ever.

Scientifically proven to help you sleep, think, and feel better.

A study with SUNY Medical Center and University of Illinois found people who worked in a space with View Smart Windows compared to one with blinds: 


Slept 37 minutes longer


Scored 42% higher on cognitive tests

Comfortable and sustainable.

By blocking heat and glare from entering the building, View Smart Windows reduce energy consumption from lighting and HVAC by as much as 20 percent.

Sustainable with View

An intelligent, predictive system.

View Smart Windows continuously adjust throughout the day to allow in just the right amount of natural light.
Move the sun icon to see how the window tint changes throughout the day.

View keeps spaces clean and germ-free.

View eliminates dusty, dirty blinds, reducing occupants' exposure to potential pathogens and helping to create a healthy, clean space where people can thrive. 

Even in their darkest tint, View Smart Windows allow in shorter frequency sunlight, which disinfects surfaces.


  1. Shades, a ‘fomite’ hosts bacteria and viruses
  2. Up and down movement re-suspends airborne pathogens
  3. Physical contact and proximity increases risk of infections

View Smart Windows

  1. View Smart Windows eliminate shades
  2. No moving parts
  3. Access to daylight reduces viability of some pathogens