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Benefits of View Smart Windows

View was built on the understanding that natural light is required to live a healthy and productive life. Ordinary windows are far from optimized, unable to effectively reduce glare and heat. View Smart Windows have been proven to improve people's health and wellness by increasing their access to natural light.

Studies from Cornell, University of Illinois and SUNY Medical Center show that participants with View Smart Windows experience:

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51% reduced eyestrain

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63% fewer headaches

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77% less likely to report depression

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+37 minutes longer sleep

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42% higher cognitive ability

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21% higher productivity

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View Smart Windows utilize electrochromic technology and a predictive software algorithm called Intelligence. With Intelligence, windows respond automatically so that tenants can enjoy the views and daylight without lifting a finger. The key factors affecting glass tint include the depth of sun shining into the space, the amount of heat passing through the windows, and the cloud cover and reflections from nearby buildings.
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Tint 3
Boost Productivity with Natural Light

6% Visible Light Transmission

Diverts glare and heat while still allowing for daylight. Presents average level of glare from direct sun or reflection off the adjacent building.