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Your window to wellness

Our office has View Smart Windows, which use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun. Smart glass eliminates blinds and minimizes heat and glare. Your workspace is healthy and comfortable throughout the day, filled with natural light and views of Torrey Pines.

49 S Van Ness - San Francisco

View Improves Sleep and Cognitive Function

Studies with the University of Illinois, SUNY Medical Center, and Cornell University found that employees who work in spaces with View Smart Glass reported better health, slept longer, and were more productive.



reduction in eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness



minutes longer sleep



more productive

Predict. Respond. Enjoy. 

View is more than a window. It is an intelligent, predictive system that chooses the right tint at the right time so everyone in the building can enjoy views and daylight without lifting a finger.

Interactive Tool that demonstrates how View Smart Windows work -
Move the sun icon to see how the window tint changes

Blinds - a dirty little secret.

In buildings with traditional windows and shades, there is an increased chance of transmission of germs and viruses due to repeated touching of blinds by multiple individuals. Internal shades collect dirt and dust you can see, and host bacteria and viruses you cannot see.

View eliminates dust and germ-free shades and blinds, reducing occupants' exposure to potential pathogens to create a healthy, clean space where employees can thrive. 


  1. Shades, a ‘fomite’ hosts bacteria and viruses
  2. Up and down movement re-suspends airborne pathogens
  3. Physical contact and proximity increases risk of infections

View Smart Glass

  1. View Smart Glass eliminates shades
  2. No moving parts
  3. Access to daylight reduces viability of some pathogens
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