We were one of the first hotels to go all in on View. In ways that other hotels cannot... We took curtains out of the fitness center, back offices and pool area and permanently program the glass to run on the darkest tint. This allows us to create a wellness experience for our guests. 
- Matt Parsons

General Manager, AC Hotel

AC Hotel

Atlanta Lifestyle Hotel adopted View Smart Windows to differentiate itself on guest experience.

  • Competing for millennial customers in an upscale neighborhood
  • View provides guests with a high-tech, luxury experience
  • Guest rooms and bathrooms get optimal amount of daylight
  • Windows are kept tinted in fitness center and pool area to maintain privacy and views
  • Location
    Atlanta, GA
  • Owner
    Noble Investment Group
  • Developer
    Design Continuum
  • General Contractor
    Winter Construction
  • Architect
    Cooper Carry
  • Project Specifications
    6-story, 78,000 sq. ft.; LEED Silver

The Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta is known as the “Beverly Hills of the East” with elegant homes on landscaped streets, as well as independent art galleries, upscale retail and trendy restaurants and bars. Marriott’s AC Hotel in Buckhead delivers a boutique hotel experience that primarily serves and attracts millennials. But with 11 other 3-4-star hotels in the immediate area, their design had to go above and beyond. The hotel installed View Dynamic Glass to provide guests with the best high tech, luxury experience.

Guests judge hotels primarily based on the room quality. At the AC Hotel Atlanta Buckhead, guests walk into rooms filled with natural daylight, including bathrooms which are often poorly lit. View intelligence helps ensure the room is always at a comfortable temperature. And guests can adjust the window tint, allowing a new level of personalized experience.

The potential and possibilities of View Dynamic Glass are endless. Whatever the hour it is, the glass adjusts automatically to let in the most sunlight possible while reducing glare. View Dynamic Glass helped us get the LEED Silver certification for this project. 
- Matthew Carr

Senior Associate & Project Architect, Cooper Carry

The AC Hotel also removed all curtains from the fitness center and pool, and programmed View to stay tinted at all times. This prevents people from looking inside, while guests enjoy unobstructed views out. In addition, AC Lounge that is adjacent to the outdoor pool is more comfortable without dealing with glare off the pool or having to pull shades down.

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