CIRI Fireweed Business Center

CIRI is Southcentral Alaska’s largest private landowner with approximately 1.3 million acres of land. CIRI chose View Smart Windows for their innovative Fireweed Business Center to maintain a connection to the sweeping views of the Cook Inlet and Chugach Mountains.

  • Occupants maintain connection with outdoors and stunning views
  • Mitigated 3,105 annual hours of potential glare
  • 22% HVAC peak load savings
  • Solving Ciri's glare issues without sacrificing the view
  • Aligns with CIRI’s values of sustainability and connecting to the land
  • Location
    Anchorage, AK
  • Architect
    RIM Architects
  • General Contractor
    Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.
  • Project Type
    New Installation
  • Project Specifications
    104,000 sq. ft.

Located on the site of the historic Fireweed Theater, the Fireweed Business Center is a 104,000 square foot facility in Anchorage. Productivity and comfort are the primary objectives for the occupants of the eight-floor business center. The city of Anchorage experiences up to 22 hours of daylight in the summer and low glare-inducing sun angles during the winter. Both solar and glare control were critical. However, solving these issues with conventional blinds would mean blocking the stunning views of the outdoors that are a source of inspiration and motivation for all Alaskans.

“CIRI wanted to develop a building that was not just about a square office space,” says Chad Nugent, Project Manager for CIRI. “It was very important to reduce glare, solar gain and the feeling of hot spots.”

Along with other technologies such as light diffusing and vacuum insulated panels, over 13,000 square feet of View Smart Windows are installed on the majority of the vertical glazing of the south, west, and east façades.

“The low sun angle presents glare issues for building occupants,” says James Dougherty, Managing Principal for RIM Architects. “If you want to enjoy the view but not have the glare, it presents a real challenge. So, View Smart Windows, through their automatic controls can regulate the glare, but still preserve the fantastic view of this land that we love.”

Views and connection to the outdoors are preserved with View Smart Windows, creating an enhanced work environment for all occupants. According to an initial energy and benefits model, View Smart Windows will enable a 22 percent reduction in peak-cooling load, allowing for a smaller overall HVAC system. 3,105 annual hours of potential glare are mitigated with a solution that allows occupants to keep the view while blocking the glare.

“The views from the building are just absolutely gorgeous,” says Brian Stump, Architect for RIM Architects. “Not having to pull down shades in front of that view is just going to be fantastic for the occupants.”