Clovis Community Conference Center

A member of the largest healthcare provider in Central California, this community medical center is expanding and upgrading facilities to meet the needs of a growing population. For its new education and conference center, the hospital chose View Dynamic Glass to enhance its state-of-the-art design, while also meeting California’s aggressive energy standards.

  • Expansive use of glass without heat and glare, while meeting Title 24 requirements
  • World’s first installation of 5x10 foot View Dynamic Glass
  • Location
    Clovis, CA
  • Architect
    Henderson Architectural Group
  • General Contractor
    Clark Construction
  • Project Type
    New Installation

The hospital wanted to make the standalone building an eye-stopping showpiece to frame the entrance to its campus. The new facility includes an auditorium, conference rooms and training rooms that will host educational seminars for physicians, hospital employees, patients, and family members. Nationally and internationally recognized lecturers are among those who will walk through its doors.

A large, glass facade around the center’s foyer creates a high-technology, modern feel that mimics the interior. The challenge was to incorporate a floor-to-ceiling glass wall at the entrance while minimizing heat gain in an area of the state that can experience temperatures reaching 100°F in summer.

More than 5,000 square feet of View Dynamic Glass, installed in 5-foot by 10-foot panels, control daylighting, glare and heat. The hospital chose Dynamic Glass over Low-e glass to meet both its design criteria and the state’s energy regulations. California’s Title 24 Energy Code efficiency requirements are part of a broader provision for building standards that have enabled California’s per capita electricity use to remain flat over the past 40 years.

View Dynamic Glass provides uninterrupted views from the inside out and stunning exterior design for the centerpiece of the hospital’s campus. It also reduces energy consumption while keeping conference center visitors cool and comfortable.