Your window
to wellness.™

View Dynamic Glass windows optimizes natural light to ensure you get a better night's sleep and wake up well-rested.

Natural Light Improves Your Health, Wellness and Energy

Better living starts with more natural light.

Learn from the Experts

Quantifying the Benefits
of Dynamic Glass.

Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University shares his results that find workers in an environment with optimal daylight see meaningful benefits.

Why Is Natural Light
So Important?

Bill Browning, one of the real estate industry's foremost thinkers and strategists, explains why natural light and views of nature are so important for the well-being of building occupants.

Windows just how you like.

Whether it's auto-tinting or the ability to change on-demand, View Dynamic Glass delivers the comfort you seek.

Clear Windows

Your room features smart windows that let in natural light and views, enhancing your sleep-wake cycles.

Your room when windows tint

Your room's windows automatically tint to reduce glare and heat to make you more comfortable.

Your room at night

Your windows at night can be set to clear for the ultimate view or tinted to create a private retreat.

Your windows at night.

Your windows can be set to clear for the ultimate view or tinted to create some privacy.

View Dynamic Glass at Night

The Tint States

Each tint state allows for different amounts of sunlight and heat to enter your room.

Tint Level 1

Tint One

is clear and lets in the most sunlight and warmth

Tint Level 2

Tint Two

will manage some solar heat, while still remaining very clear

Tint Level 3

Tint Three

diverts glare and heat while
still allowing daylight in

Tint Level 4

Tint Four

is the darkest, allowing you to sleep without any disruptions

Responsive. Predictive. Remarkable.

Learn how View self-tinting glass works.

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