I see people personalizing their space more than ever. View Smart Windows are a key component of creating a comfortable living experience here. The connection to the outside helps make this place feel more open to everyone.
- Dean Smith

Director of Student Centers for Student Involvement and Leadership at ECU

East Carolina University

Cutting edge student center becomes the campus living room

  • Designed to have direct impact on the success of students
  • A visual representation of ECU’s connection to the people and industry of Eastern Carolina, the City of Greenville, and the Pirate traditions
  • A showpiece for the campus with a ballroom capable of accommodating 2000+ people
  • Location
    Greenville, NC
  • Construction Manager
    T.A. Loving/Barnhill
  • Architect
    Perkins + Will
  • Project Type
    New Construction
  • Project Specifications
    3-story, 220,000 sq. ft.

Founded in 1907, East Carolina University (ECU) is the fourth largest university in North Carolina with approximately 30,000 students. As part of the school's vision to provide a welcoming and engaging community, ECU invested $160 million in replacing the previous Student Center which was originally built in 1974.

The new Main Campus Student Center is a well-needed upgrade that responds to the needs of students and staff. It is a blend of arts, hospitality, and recreation spaces. Some of the architectural features include a state-of-the-art ballroom, a gaming lounge, a jumbo outdoor screen, and a theatre equipped with retractable seating. The 14,000-square-foot ballroom is capable of accommodating around two thousand people, and the 43-foot outdoor screen is the largest video display at any student center in North Carolina. A variety of dining options are available as well, including brand name casual dining and a new bakery.

The product is great and the advantage of self-tinting windows is huge to the occupants of the building. 
- Tom Daniel

Project Manager at T.A. Loving/Barnhill

The inclusion of View Smart Windows is a part of ECU’s vision to embrace innovation and create a modern facility that will stand the test of time. As the premier location for the campus community in a warm climate, interior comfort is essential. The smart windows predictably change their tint state based on the cloud cover and the angle of the sun, thereby reducing the heat and glare coming in. This allows the interior space to be a comfortable and encouraging environment for new relationships and collaborations to grow. In addition to the common area, the conditions in 10+ administrative office space are improved with the smart windows and have eliminated the need for view-blocking blinds and shades.

The innovative technology sparks interest and conversations among existing, prospective students and staff while the intelligent windows quietly weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life.