Global Animal Care Company

View Smart Glass has been installed at the headquarters of a pet healthcare company.

  • Attracts and retains talent in Maine
  • Saves $300K by eliminating manual roller shades
  • Boosts workplace wellbeing and keeps 400 employees healthy, happy and consequently more productive
  • Location
    Westbrook, ME
  • General Contractor
    PC Construction
  • Architect
    Lavalle Brensinger Architects
  • Project Type
    New Construction, Headquarters
  • Project Specifications
    Building: 135,00 sq. ft.
 I am excited about adding electrochromic vision glazing technology that will enable windows to automatically tint based on the sun’s angle to provide natural lighting and consistent, panoramic views at any time of day, in any season, without the need for internal or external shading 
- Giovani Twigge

Chief HR Officer