We deployed View Secure Edge and Remote Access in over 100 buildings being served by hundreds of vendors and have been thrilled with the outcome. Our buildings are not only more secure and more unified than ever, but also far more cost-effective to manage. With View, we cut our vendor fees by 75% and realized more than a million dollars in annual operational cost savings.
- Khanh Nguyen

Vice President of Technology, Kilroy Realty

Kilroy Realty Corporation Transforms Building Operations

Historically, the Kilroy Realty Corporation provided access to its building on a building-by-building basis. Every time a third-party building management vendor needed access to service a building automation system (e.g., HVAC, elevator, or security systems), one of Kilroy's internal technicians needed to be onsite at a physical workstation to initiate the third-party user's access. This often led to delayed access and high costs due to technician travel time and resources, and it did little to ensure security or governance of who was accessing systems within Kilroy’s OT network.

Kilroy deployed View Remote Access across their portfolio of over 100 buildings to centrally provision, authenticate, manage, and audit third-party access to building systems. With View, they achieved:

  • 76% reduction in vendor fees
  • $1 million annual operational cost savings
  • 500 cyberattacks blocked per building per week
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    West Coast
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    Secure Edge
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