View is a critical part of our strategy to improve how people live, travel, and work.
- Nick Beucher

President, Tavistock Development Company

Lake Nona, FL – the nation’s first smart city

With their 17-square-mile, master-planned community in Orlando, Florida, Lake Nona, the Tavistock Development Company set out to build a smart city from the ground up to provide a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life for people who live and work there. View Smart Windows are a “basis of design” for Lake Nona. They have been installed in 13 buildings across the city, including the prestigious Lake Nona Wave Hotel, and will be installed in more than 30 additional buildings.

  • Location
    Lake Nona, FL
  • Developer
    Tavistock Development Company
  • Project Specifications
    Basis of design for entire city