Lake Union Building

Restored iconic views to position the building for the next 40 years and reduces overwhelming heat and glare


  • View Dynamic Glass was main component of building refresh
  • Reclaimed stunning lake and city views; no blinds or shades
  • Addressed hot and cold complaints
  • Tenant occupancy accelerated for two empty floors
  • Asking rent increased $5, worth $450,000 per year and adding $8.2M asset value
  • 18% energy savings over single pane windows

The Lake Union Building has an enviable location on the edge of the water in the heart of Seattle’s booming tech district, blocks from Amazon headquarters and many bustling shops and restaurants. The almost 50-year-old building was experiencing glare during 50% of daylight hours. Because the building was originally clad with single pane windows, both heating in summer and cooling in winter were very inefficient. In addition, tenants struggled with “double glare” directly from the sun and reflected off the lake, leading many to keep their shades down all the time.

In order to modernize the building and compete for top tech sector tenants, Henbart, the owner, replaced the entire façade. View Dynamic Glass not only addressed the comfort issues, but also restored the stunning views of the lake and beyond by dispensing with blinds and shades, and helped brand the building as high-tech and innovative. As a result of the retrofit, The Lake Union Building has achieved 18% energy savings over the original single pane glass, was awarded the 2015 Visionary Award for Energy by the Seattle 2030 District, and has received LEED Gold EBOM certification in 2017. In addition, several tenants have renewed their leases and two vacant floors have been leased.

In addition to the beautiful views and natural daylight benefits that View Dynamic Glass offers, we are delighted our work environment helps our people be more productive and excited to come to work. The high tech look and feel has been great and we experience a significant improvement in temperature inside the space, especially in the summer. We were thinking about moving out, but now we've decided to extend our lease.

Mark Spagnola
Owner of Portfolio Communications, a tenant of Lake Union building
Lake Union Building

The building’s leasing team has seen an overwhelming positive response on tours when pointing out the features and discussing how this product can impact a prospective tenant’s future work space. View Glass is the perfect product to allow natural light to pass through these tenants’ spaces, maintain exceptional views without having to draw blinds, and mitigate temperature changes in their offices.

Jake Bos
Vice President, Kidder Matthews
Lake Union Building with Dynamic Glass

Henbart LLC is a Seattle based real estate company that develops, owns and manages commercial and residential properties in the Pacific Northwest with the aim to add value to a neighborhood and the greater community. The company offers nearly a century of experience in the acquisition and development of real estate with the ability to hold assets long term and maintain hands-on management.

Project Specs

Construction Team

  • General contractor:
    Foushee & Associates
  • Glazier:
    SGS Glass
  • Sustainability:
    Unico Properties Seattle


  • Project type:
    Renovation from single to double pane windows
  • Glass sq ft:
  • System type:
    Lower Level - Kawneer 451UT
    Upper Levels - Original wood framing with aluminum caps

IGU makeup

  • Overall thickness:
  • Outboard lite:
    6mm tempered clear with i89 coating on surface
  • Spacer:
    1/2" black warm edge spacer
  • Inboard lite:
    6mm tempered Clear

Lake Union Building

  • Developer:
    Henbart LLC
  • Specifications:
    7 stories, 90,000 rentable sq ft
  • LEED certification:
    LEED Gold EBOM, 2015 Visionary Award for Energy