We want everyone who’s coming to our facility to be comfortable from start to finish. Prior to renovation, the heat transfer from outside to inside would make the space very hot in the afternoon. With View Smart Windows installed, we don’t have nearly as many problems throughout the building. It’s a more comfortable space being able to look out and see the beautiful air field we have here at Meacham. 
- Joe Hammond

Airport Supervisor, Meacham International Airport

Meacham International Airport

View Smart Windows help Meacham International Airport transform into premium executive airport

  • Regional airport transformed into premium executive destination
  • View Smart Windows addressed blinding glare from the late afternoon sun
  • Reclaimed expansive views of the airfield
  • Added new revenue-generating conference and event space
  • Highly visible technology elevates airport brand and passenger experience
  • Location
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Owner/Developer
    City of Fort Worth
  • General Contractor
    Imperial Construction
  • Architect
    Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford Architects
  • Project Type
  • Project Specifications
    58,000 sq. ft.; LEED Silver

Located just outside of Fort Worth, Texas, Meacham International Airport is transforming from a regional airport to a premium executive airport, but its building was out of date. The terminal building was built in 1968 and was last renovated in the 1980s. A major renovation effort was launched in 2015 to redesign and upgrade the main terminal building. A third floor encompassing 23,000 square feet was added, featuring a high-tech conference center area that is suited for business conferences and private events.

This exciting transformation at Meacham, however, faced challenges to creating a truly comfortable, premium experience. Due to the location, abundant sunshine in Texas often becomes a burden because of the strong glare that is especially blinding during the first and last hours of sunlight. Additionally, in face of the summer heatwaves in Texas, View Smart Windows help the airport obtain LEED Silver and become more energy efficient by reducing HVAC cost.

The incorporation of View Smart Windows was crucial in helping Meacham airport to elevate its brand and transform the traveling experience. Executive travelers at Meacham experience open daylit spaces without shades and can see an innovative technology in action.

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