This glass should be a standard for any company from an airport to an early learning center. If you’re inside a building, you should have View Smart Windows.
- Dr. Brett Jacobsen

Head of School

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

View Smart Windows ensure learning spaces have ample natural light and access to views, which has been shown to improve student performance.

  • The previous Mt. Vernon campus had a glare issue at certain times of the day, making the space uncomfortable and learning more difficult.
  • View Smart Windows protect the students and staff from unwanted heat and glare and enhance mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Location
    Atlanta, GA
  • GC
    Hodges & Hicks General Contractors
  • Project Specifications
    Building: 60,000 sq. ft
We know that natural light makes a huge difference in a learner’s capacity for learning and enjoyment of learning. The View Smart Windows help to bring outside light in.
- Bo Adams

Chief Learning & Innovation Officer