Privacy Policy

View, Inc., recognizes that privacy is very important to our customers, and we pledge to protect the security and privacy of any personal information that is provided to us. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and any other information that can be linked to an individual. We collect, use and protect personal information in a manner consistent with the laws of the countries in which we do business, using the highest ethical standards in our business practices.

Date of Publication and Updates

This Policy may be amended from time to time, consistent with the requirements of privacy and data protection laws. View, Inc., will post any updates to these policies on this page of the website.  Updated: May 6, 2016

Privacy Principles

We collect information using forms on our website. These forms are used to contact us and to obtain support or assistance. We collect contact information and email addresses from various trade shows and events. Customers who wish to get information from us can supply their email address for marketing purposes—for example, a newsletter or communications from us.


The information is collected by a user filling out a form or request. We never share this information with anyone outside the View, Inc., organization except as follows:


Third-party companies that supply services, such as sending newsletters. These companies are also required to keep all information confidential and each has their own privacy policy. Partners or representative companies listed on our contact us page will be given your contact information as the local representatives for View, Inc. These representatives are required to keep your information confidential and each has their own privacy policies.


We will never sell, rent or make your information available to anyone outside View, Inc., our partners and representatives or the limited third-party companies who we rely on for services.

Website, Cookies and Analytics

We use cookies to store information when you visit our website. Our website uses analytics that set a tracking cookie or image and can be used for retargeting users with our marketing. We also use tracking data to identify users and to pre-fill forms for usability and to get demographic information. You can disable cookies or remove them through your browser if you wish to do so. Please consult your browser documentation.


We may send out marketing information and/or follow up with users who have contacted us. On all email marketing, we have an "unsubscribe" link. By clicking that link and verifying your email address, you will be removed from the list.

Privacy Contact Information

Questions or comments regarding this policy should be submitted to View, Inc., by mail or email as follows:

View, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Policy
195 South Milpitas Boulevard
Milpitas, CA 95035
[email protected]