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As passengers return to travel, there is an acute focus on health and safety. The need to restore passenger confidence and improve their travel experience has never been greater. Airports across the world are adopting new innovative technologies that address today’s strategic concerns for people, planet, and profit.

Strategies that boost passenger confidence
Real-time display of environmental conditions
Continuous environmental monitoring
Touchless technology
Proper ventiliation
Access to natural light

Source: Gensler

Deliver Exceptional Passenger Experience

Boost Productivity with Natural Light

Boost Passenger

Monitor building health & wellness with 24/7 environmental monitoring sensors

View Increases Building Values


Smart windows provide maximum comfort and integrated transparent displays that deliver increased passenger satisfaction, higher spending & new revenue sources

Save on Energy Costs


Reduce operational costs and energy consumption

Select Aviation Projects

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

View delivers higher passenger satisfaction & revenue

Studies at Dallas Fort Worth and Charlotte Douglas show that View not only benefits passengers, but also the airport itself.

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Revenue year-over-year

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Dwell time near windows

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More likely to give a very satisfied 5-star rating

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More modern, efficient, bright and comfortable

View Smart Building Platform

Smarter, Interactive, Intelligent Airports

View Smart Windows

View Smart Windows intelligently tint in response to the sun, controlling heat and glare while optimizing daylight.

  • Increase passenger experience with improved comfort, access to natural light and views and better space utilization
  • Maximize revenue with more comfortable seating that encourage longer dwell time & spending
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce energy costs

View Sense

View Sense environmental sensors monitor environmental conditions turning gates into living, breathing entities capable of optimizing air quality, temperature, light and sound.

  • Boost passenger confidence by measuring key factors that impact passenger experience
  • Enhance passenger experience with AI-powered insights designed to enhance comfort and quality
  • Improve building performance with real-time monitoring of environmental conditions

View Immersive Experience

View Immersive Experience transforms View smart windows into transparent, ultra-high-definition digital canvases, which can be used to communicate and entertain passengers by displaying meaningful information right on the glass.

  • Maximize new and existing revenue
  • Transform the passenger journey with real time signage, wayfinding and gate/flight information
  • Enhance digital communication and wow passengers with interactive entertainment and art
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