Privacy Policy

View Privacy Policy - Updated January 9, 2023

View, Inc., directly and through its subsidiaries (collectively “View”), provides advanced technology products and services to transform real estate spaces and create industry-leading interactions and operations with real estate. We deliver our exceptional Products and Services, in part, by gathering information about our customers (“Personal Data”).

When you use our Products and Services and interact with us, you trust us with your Personal Data. We want to keep that trust by being transparent about our privacy practices - including how and why we “process” - collect, use, store, manipulate, disclose, transfer and share - your Personal Data. We also want you to understand the choices you have for your Personal Data under applicable privacy regulations.

To make this Privacy Policy easier to understand, we have provided a summary to the left-hand side of each section.  We also encourage you to contact us, see “How to Contact Us” below, if you have any questions or concerns. If you have a disability and need this Privacy Policy provided to you in a different format, please email [email protected] or call us at 1-855-478-8468.

Last Modified: January 9, 2023. For prior versions of our Privacy Policy, click here.