Tanya Makker

Wish you got more sleep? Introducing Sleep In Mode from View

Tanya Makker Written by Tanya Makker

As an architect and product manager at View, I obsess over designing user experiences that are comfortable, healthy, and fun. Today, I’m excited to introduce a new feature that’s all three. We’re giving residents in our buildings agency over their sleep schedule, independent of the sun’s schedule, so they can get the rest they need.

View Smart Windows are installed in apartments across the country, maximizing access to natural light and providing continuous views. We know that this not only keeps users visually and thermally comfortable but also healthy and energized. Research has shown that residents on average sleep 22 minutes longer, have consistent melatonin onset, and a healthier circadian rhythm. Brighter days make for better nights.

We’re now taking this one step further.

As important as it is to let natural light in throughout the day, it’s just as important to keep light out for a restful night’s sleep. Sleep In Mode gives users the luxury to keep their space cool and dark until they are ready to soak in the sun again.

Using the View mobile app, residents can enter their preferred bedtimes and wake up times. For the selected spaces, the windows darken, blocking out city light pollution and the morning sun until the user is ready to wake up. At that time, the windows gradually clear, gently rousing users with natural light. They can set recurring daily schedules or make one off adjustments if their schedule changes. Did you know that a sound sleep strengthens your immune system, helps with information retention, and makes you more creative? Darker nights make for better days!

We at View continue to learn about the human body and how indoor environments affect our health. We apply these learnings to continuously enhance the user experience through regular over-the-air software updates. So even as a physical building ages, the user experience is always evolving.

If you’re an apartment seeker in New York, Boston, DC, Seattle or Toronto, find the View apartment in your region, take control of the sun, and Sleep In with View.

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