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Achieve Higher Rents

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Rooms with View Smart Windows command a $100-150 rent premium at the luxury skyscraper with views of Manhattan.

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Lease Up Faster

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Bower leased up 20% faster than it was underwritten for.

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Increase Tenant Retention

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Exo residents ranked View as the #1 amenity factoring into their decision to renew their lease.

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Reimagine the Resident Experience

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Nabr will leverage View Smart Windows and the View Smart Building Platform to deliver personalized, sustainable homes.

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Scientifically Proven to Help You Sleep, Think, and Feel Better

View Smart Windows provide abundant daylight to help you improve circadian alignment

Fall Asleep Easier

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Melatonin (the “sleep hormone”) kicks in faster and more consistently

Stay Asleep Longer

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Residents get an extra 16 minutes of sleep

Increase Energy

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Residents feel well-rested in the morning and alert during the day