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Work Comfortably Right up to the Windows

  • Keep workspaces cool
  • Eliminate glare
  • Protect equipment from UV light

Work Comfortably Right up to the Windows

Flexible Spaces to Meet Tenant Needs

  • Support life science and office floorplans
  • Maximize usable space
  • Maintain privacy for sensitive equipment and experiments

Flexible Spaces to Meet Tenant Needs

Maintain a Sterile Lab

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John Hynes

With 10 World Trade, we set out to deliver the best overall space in the market. View’s mission and products help to create a truly responsive environment that is smarter, healthier, and more sustainable.

John Hynes IV
Vice President, Boston Global Investors

Scientifically Proven to Help Your Tenants Do Their Best Work

Studies with Cornell University, University of Illinois, and SUNY Medical University found that View Smart Windows help employees thrive

Better Health

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50% less eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness

More Sleep

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37 minutes extra sleep each night

Higher Productivity

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42% increase in cognitive ability