View Smart Windows Eliminate Pathogens

Maximum Disinfection and UV Protection

View Smart Windows deliver near complete disinfection of surfaces within 24 hours while still blocking 99.9% of UV light that can damage skin. Whether in its clear or tinted state, View Smart Windows eliminate up to 100% of bacteria by allowing in the short-wavelength, high energy spectrum of daylight.

MRSA samples exposed to daylight through windows with blinds vs View Smart Windows in their darkest tint state

The power of daylight

150 years of research has demonstrated that daylight neutralizes bacteria, fungi, and viruses. But this study, conducted at the Pakpour Laboratory for Biomedical Microbiome Research at the University of British Columbia, is one of the first to look at the effect of daylight on pathogens indoors, where we spend 90% of our time.

Blinds: a dirty little secret

Not only do blinds block out the beneficial qualities of daylight, they collect dust and germs, and redistribute them into the air each time they are adjusted.

Daylight creates sterile lab environments

Microbial contamination is responsible for 11-15% of product recalls. Life science companies spend on average $3.1M annually to remediate contamination events, in addition to lost revenue and legal exposure.

Replace traditional blinds with View Smart Windows to:

Daylight reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) lead to nearly 100,000 deaths each year in the US and are commonly attributed to contamination of the patient’s surroundings. HAIs can cost hospitals millions of dollars in withheld reimbursements annually.

Replace traditional blinds with View Smart Windows to: