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Smarter by Design

Designing with View Smart Windows frees you from incorporating shades and blinds to show views and buildings in their very best light, while still meeting energy codes and building performance requirements.

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Space Utilization

Glare Analysis
We calculate the number of direct glare hours your building will experience during the year based on location.

Sun Natural Light

Thermal Comfort Stimulation
We evaluate occupant comfort by stimulating skin level temperatures from direct sun exposure through glazing.


Energy Modeling
We performance energy building stimulations to determine peak HVAC sizing and annual energy savings.

Building Analysis - Section Benefits - Your Benefits

Space Utilization

Daylight Analysis
We compare the amount of daylight the baseline and dynamic glass options will bring into your space.

Sun Natural Light

Life Cycle Costing Analysis
We perform and 25 year LCC analysis using a real discount rate and standard equipment replacement cycles to calculate the net present value of your investment.


We show you how you can contribute more points to your LEED certification by using dynamic glass.

Architects - Section Marcus Acheson - Quote

View allowed us to minimize overall cooling loads, eliminate the need for blinds and reduce the use of artificial lighting while providing constant access to natural light and unobstructed views of the environment. Tenants feel great about the experience, and we remain excited by the future use of smart window technology.
Marcus Acheson
Studio Principal
Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

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Churchill Hall

Durham, NC
  • Tri Properties exceeds investment expectations with faster lease up and rents above their pro forma
  • Building delivers 16% annual energy savings and reduces HVAC load by 33 tons
  • Enhances tenant comfort by increasing access to natural light

Architects - Section Fred Pax - Quote

The tendency with blinds is that when the sun comes up, people will pull the blinds down. They’ll stay down for the rest of the day so the view and daylighting in the space is gone for the rest of the day too. With View, the glass automatically adjusts to the light conditions on the exterior and the daylight is maintained throughout the day.
Fred Pax
Senior Associate
Davis Partnership Architects