Natural Light Improves Your Wellness

It's simple: The better you feel, the more satisfying your job is

View Smart Windows increase access to views and the natural light that you crave, without any heat or glare.

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Reduced Eyestrain



Fewer Headaches

Increase in Wellness


Less Drowsiness

Predict. Respond. Make it your own.

View is more than a window. It's an intelligent, predictive system that chooses the right tint at the right time, creating a delightful environment.

Move the sun icon to see how the window tint changes

Hear from the experts

Quantifying the benefits of Smart Windows

Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University shares his results which find that workers in an environment with optimal daylight see meaningful benefits.

Why Is Natural Light So Important?

Bill Browning, one of the real estate industry's foremost thinkers and strategists, explains why natural light and views of nature are so important for the well-being of building occupants.