Our latest project highlights
Erich Klawuhn – Vice President, Product Management

Our Latest Project Highlights

View is contributing to the evolution of the modern building – transforming it from a dormant structure to a living space that delivers vitality to those inside. Our glass delivers an experience that is highly functional and emotionally stunning in its simplicity.

View Dynamic Glass is now installed in over 100 locations. Check out the videos below which show how it has transformed the experience of people in a museum and office.

Helmerich Center for American Research

Tulsa, OK

The University of Tulsa’s Helmerich Center for American Research houses 100,000 rare books, documents, maps and unpublished works. The halls are adorned with unique art in the early American, Native American, and Mexican style. View Dynamic Glass makes the space more comfortable for visitors and protects the artwork from sun damage. View participated in the Center’s Opening Ceremony in the Fall.

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DPR Construction

San Francisco, CA

View Glass plays a key role in DPR’s mission to maintain a net zero building, meaning it consumes no more than the amount of energy it creates. View Glass helps control light and heat gain in the the renovated building, contributing to the energy efficiency required to obtain a net zero energy profile. The typical energy bill of a building this size is $1,800 per month, DPR pays only $19.55.

Here at View, we believe in reconnecting buildings with their surroundings and embracing the rejuvenating effect of natural light. These projects are just a couple of examples of what can be created. We can’t wait to show you more.

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