We aim to be environmentally sustainable and have high-performance elements that promote health and wellness. Smart windows are the perfect example of where the two are related. There are benefits to health and wellness, and it cuts the amount of energy being used to heat and cool a building. We will start to see much more of this in buildings.
- Kelly Saito

Managing Partner, The Green Cities Company


Bower leased up 20% faster than it was underwritten for

  • Bower focuses on sustainability and biophilic design
  • Winner of the 2021 Fitwel Best in Building Health Award, Rethinking the Future Awards 2021, and Massachusetts Apartment Association’s 2021 Sustainable Living Innovation Award
  • LEED Gold certified
  • Location
    Boston, MA
  • Developer
    The Green Cities Company
  • Architect
  • Project Specifications
    437,000 sq. ft, 312 units