High Tech and Healthy is a Winning Combination

Increased Revenue


Achieve LEED goals
Reduce carbon footprint

Increased Revenue


Optimize daylight and access to views
Enhance circadian rhythm and sleep

Increased Revenue

Rent and Lease-Up

Capture higher rents, faster lease-up and lower vacancy rates

Brighter Days Make for Better Nights

View Smart Windows enhance sleep for residents by providing the qualities of light that are effective for circadian alignment

Hormone regulation

Melatonin releases with consistent timing, while blinds lead to a 15 minute delay

Better sleep

16 minute longer sleep, and more consistent from one day to the next

Improved alertness

Well-rested in the morning, high daytime energy, and winding down before bed

Project Spotlight

Residents enjoy the views without uncomfortable heat and glare.
The EXO at Excelsior Parc

The EXO Apartments

  • View Smart Windows were key to positioning building as luxury and high tech
  • EXO rented 6 units more per month than competitors, reaching 80% occupancy 7 months faster
  • The faster lease up generated $2.25M additional income
  • Mitigates up to 1,813 annual hours of glare and preserves unobstructed views

Leading Multifamily Developers Choose View

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