Colorado State University Gets Smart Windows
Brett Murray - Vice President, Marketing

Colorado State University Gets Smart Windows

Colorado State University’s campus just got smarter with a nearly 3,000-square-foot installation of View Smart Windows at its newly renovated Lory Student Center.

Located in a picturesque alpine setting in Fort Collins, Colorado, CSU built the Lory Student Center in 1962. With more than 20,000 students passing through it daily, the 160,000-square-feet Lory Student Center forms the campus hub, but more than five decades later its infrastructure and aging HVAC were in need of an update.

University officials greenlit a $65 million renovation project and charged architecture firm Perkins + Will to add an additional 40,000 square feet and design a flexible, multi-purpose building that maintained a connection to outdoor space.

With more than 10 solar arrays powering its campus, CSU makes a conscientious effort to invest in technology that improves campus life and sustainability. The decision to outfit the Lory Student Center with View Smart Windows is the latest example of that commitment.

View Smart Windows are particularly suitable for Northern Colorado, one of the sunniest places in the country. View’s predictive intelligence technology tracks the movement of the sun and tint the windows in response, helping CSU moderate the solar load coming into the Center’s ballroom. View Smart Windows also eliminate the need for curtains, enabling students and other occupants to enjoy unobstructed views of the Rocky Mountains.

Check out a video showcasing the new and improved Lory Student Center with View Smart Windows.

CSU also benefits from greater versatility with intelligent glass. With moveable walls, CSU can accommodate up to four programmatic events simultaneously in its ballroom, and adjust the tint of the glass to suit their needs. With no glare or thermal discomfort, every presentation goes smoothly. In fact, because of View Smart Windows, CSU has been able to charge a premium for this space.

CSU’s assistant director of event services had a great experience installing dynamic glass: “I can’t say enough about the operations team. They did a great job helping us design and understand the system. I would definitely recommend View Smart Windows for future projects.”

CSU sets the standard when it comes to campus sustainability efforts (it even has its own composter). It recently became the first and only university in the world to achieve a Platinum STARS rating, the sustainability assessment for colleges and universities. The renovated Lory Student Center continues the university’s tradition of sustainability, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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