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We’re delighted to reveal that’s new corporate campus will feature one of the world’s largest installations of View Dynamic Glass. Overstock’s commitment to dynamic glass reflects the emerging trend among forward-thinking corporations to build cutting-edge headquarters that embrace both employee wellness and environmental sustainability.

Overstock is building a one-of-a-kind campus in Utah for attracting and retaining the best talent, and wants to cultivate a unique work environment for these top-notch employees to thrive. View Dynamic Glass will play a key role in achieving that objective by admitting abundant natural light to fuel creativity, innovation and productivity.

Overstock prides itself on its creative, innovative culture and wants the best for their more than 1,600 employees. With intelligent glass from View, Overstock’s employees will be able to stay connected to the outdoors and be inspired by their expansive, continuous views of the Salt Lake Valley and mountains. View Dynamic Glass will automatically adjust to maximize natural daylight while keeping employees comfortable and shielding glare from their eyes and computer screens.

Overstock is embracing employee wellness at a fundamental level, and we’re thrilled to help the company create a world-class headquarters that embraces the well-being of people at its core. By installing View Dynamic Glass, Overstock will allow its employees to enjoy the environment while also protecting it. The HVAC and lighting energy efficiencies enabled by our intelligent glass will help Overstock meet its sustainability and LEED goals for this ambitious campus, which is set to open during summer 2016.

We will be shipping tens of thousands of square feet of dynamic glass to the site this summer. This will be one of the most iconic projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on, in no small part because these will be no ordinary headquarters.

Overstock’s three-story circular building will be shaped like a peace sign and referred to as the “Peace Coliseum” for its resemblance to a corporate glass-and-concrete version of the Roman Coliseum. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne proclaimed that when the ribbon is cut, it will be “the coolest place to work in Utah.”

With intelligent control of the sun’s energy, that statement will be true in more ways than one.

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Brett Murray - Vice President, Marketing