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December 17, 2018

Rao Mulpuri, CEO, View

10 Years at View

Today marks my 10-year anniversary with View, but in a lot of ways it feels like day one. I’m proud of what we’ve achieved so far, and I’m even more excited about our future.

Looking back, we started with a simple idea: transform a day-to-day object, the window, to create delightful building environments that improve the health and wellness of the people inside. Along the way we’ve solved extremely difficult materials science and engineering challenges, developed the digital control system, software and apps, built and scaled the most advanced dynamic glass factory in the world, and created a new market category. We are also helping transform real estate, an extremely risk-averse industry, by challenging long held assumptions.

Those efforts have helped us progress from a postage stamp-size electrochromic device in 2008 to View being installed in over 35 million square feet today, with hundreds of thousands of people experiencing better environments every day. On the road to get here we’ve had a lot of success and faced many challenges. This journey has only been possible because of the amazing team at View. They have the intelligence and grit to do what needs to be done and the pride in seeing it completed. I am grateful every day to work with them.

But change is constant, and great companies don’t stand still. In the future, we will aggressively expand our delivery of game changing health and wellness outcomes and energy saving benefits of View while also working on a series of AI-rich applications for smart buildings that take those benefits to the next level.

That future is already here. View SmartProtectTM, the first of several IoT solutions that make buildings healthier, smarter and more productive was released last month.


With the journey already underway, today we see it fitting to announce the evolution of our brand from viewglass.com to view.com, which better reflects our transformation from a dynamic glass supplier to a company creating delightful human environments that are more intelligent, connected and personalized than ever before.

On behalf of all the talented and committed employees at View, welcome to day one of the future.

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