View Selected for GSA's Green Proving Ground Program
Brandon Tinianov – Sr. Director, Business Development

View Selected for GSA's Green Proving Ground Program

We’ve been big fans of GSA’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) program since it launched four years ago. For the unfamiliar, this program, which is supported by the U.S. General Services Administration, promotes the most sustainable building technologies for the built environment. Each year, it selects an exclusive group of innovative technologies to undergo real-world evaluations in federal buildings across the U.S in order to assess their potential to reduce resource consumption and improve building performance. While it is a great idea for the development of best practices for the market, the motivator for this program is in GSA’s own interests — they own or lease over 380 million square feet of buildings in the U.S. The best building technologies will benefit both their mission and their bottom line.

As you can imagine, we were thrilled when View Dynamic Glass was selected to be part of this year’s GPG program in the building envelope category. View is just one of nine technologies selected for evaluation by GPG out of hundreds of applicants, so we are truly honored to be in such exclusive company. Another thing to hang our hat on — the installation of View Dynamic Glass will be the largest installation of electrochromic glass in the history of the GPG program.

The thrust of the evaluation will be a pilot installation of View Dynamic Glass in a federally owned building in Portland, Oregon. Although it was built in the 1960s, the Portland building is an example of GSA’s leadership in sustainable practice, having already achieved LEED Platinum and Energy Star 98 certification through building operations. View Dynamic Glass will shape the latest transformation of the building. Installation will cover both their traditional layout of perimeter offices with core cubicles and their office of the 21st century, which centers on flexible, collaborative spaces with ample daylight and glare control.

GPG has commissioned the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to perform the measurement and verification of View Dynamic Glass in this installation. Beyond energy savings, the comfort and productivity benefits for the occupants will also be measured. After being put through the rigors of testing, GPG will use the findings from this evaluation to potentially recommend deployment for View Dynamic Glass in GSA’s extensive portfolio and the U.S. commercial real estate market. This recommendation would be a huge boost in accelerating mainstream adoption of View Dynamic Glass.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress in Portland. Installation begins early next year with findings to be reported in late 2015.

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