San Leandro Tech Center
 We are thrilled to work with View to showcase this forward-thinking and sustainable technology at SLTC. Simply by looking out the window, our tenants will be connected to the Bay Area environment, leading to inspiration in their work. 
- Gaye Quinn

Managing Director, Westlake Urban


San Leandro Tech Center is a combination of new development, art and technology that chose View Smart Windows for uninterrupted views, increased access to daylight, and health and productivity benefits.

  • Premium paid by tenant because of expected productivity increase
  • Attracts and retains employees in the Bay Area’s competitive tech labor market
  • Employees enjoy clear views of nearby sculpture and San Leandro
  • Location
    San Leandro, CA
  • Developer
    Westlake Development
  • Architect
  • Project Type
    New Construction
  • Project Specifications
    Building: 132,000 sq. ft.