Overstock.com Headquarters

Overstock.com’s new corporate campus features one of the world’s largest installations of View Smart Glass. Overstock’s commitment to smart glass reflects the emerging trend among forward-thinking corporations to build cutting-edge headquarters that embrace both employee wellness and environmental sustainability.

  • Keeps employees connected with the view while eliminating heat and glare
  • Abundant natural light fuels creativity, innovation and productivity
  • Improves HVAC and lighting energy efficiencies
  • Helps Overstock.com meet its sustainability and LEED goals
  • Location
    Midvale, UT
  • Architect
    EDA Architects, Inc.
  • Developer
    Gardner Company
  • General Contractor
    Okland Construction
  • Project Specifications
    230,000 sq. ft.

Overstock.com has helped customers save millions of dollars and has since become a leading online retailer. Named one of America’s most trustworthy companies by Forbes, Overstock is deeply committed to the wellbeing and productivity of its employees, which was a key criteria when designing their new corporate campus. Overstock aims to attract and retain the best talent, and cultivate a unique work environment for these top-notch employees to thrive. As part of this objective, the 230,000 SF office features a panoramic view of scenic Salt Lake Valley. Rather than obstruct it with blinds, CEO Patrick Byrne wanted a solution that kept his employees connected with the view while still remaining comfortable.

About 30,000 SF of View Smart Glass is installed in the iconic building, which automatically adjusts to maximize natural daylight while keeping employees comfortable and shielding glare from their eyes and computer screens. View Smart Glass eliminates the cost of traditional blinds, as well as potential downsizing of the cooling system by 21%.

Overstock understands the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. Incorporating innovative technologies such as View Smart Glass in its campus helps the company with this effort. “View Smart Glass is one of the major showpieces of our new headquarters and yet another reason Overstock is the most exciting place to work in Utah” says Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. “More daylight translates to more creative, innovative, and optimistic employees.” For Overstock, the cost of the glass is far outweighed by worker satisfaction. “Our annual payroll is $100 million,” Byrne says. “If we can do something that makes people 2% more efficient, then that is worth $2 million.” View is thrilled to play a key role in achieving Overstock’s objectives by admitting abundant natural light to fuel creativity, innovation and productivity.