How It works - Section 3 - Heat



By admitting natural daylight and rejecting unwanted solar radiation, View Smart Glass keeps occupants comfortable no matter how hot it is outside.

How It works - Section 4 - Inside the Glass

Intelligence Outside

View Smart Glass is powered by an intuitive Intelligence engine.

Cloud Cover

Predictive weather feeds and real-time sensors anticipate and respond to cloud cover. This allows optimum daylight levels even on overcast days.

Intelligent Schedules

View defines custom and intelligent schedules to meet your needs. This allows flexibility to block night time light pollution or allow in more daylight.

Sun Angle

View accurately predicts sun angle for any given day and time. When sun angles change with seasons, View Intelligence® controls unwanted glare.

Latitude & Longitude

Using precise geo-coordinates, View accurately predicts local sun positions, weather, and sun path.

Architectural details

View Intelligence® accounts for architectural features of the building such as overhangs and external shading.

Eliminate Shades

View Smart Glass eliminates the need for shades and associated maintenance.

Sky Sensor

The View Sky Sensor measures illuminance using multiple photo and infrared sensors. This gives your building up to date and exact local information that feeds into Intelligence® operation.

Occupant Location

Intelligence® knows where each occupant’s desk is located and the use of the space. Operation is fine-tuned based on actual occupant requirements to ensure comfort.

Nearby Obstructions

Intelligence® predicts reflected glare and shadows from neighboring structures and trees to ensure all day occupant comfort and delight.

Intelligence Inside

Experience the comfort of a delightful indoor environment when you can customize daylight.

Visual Comfort

By calculating the geometry of direct glare on a workspace, View Intelligence brings comfort to your room.

Optimized Daylight

Let light in. As tint states change, View Intelligence maximizes daylight while minimizing both heat and glare.

Energy Savings

Reduce lighting and HVAC electricity use by up to 20%.

Thermal Comfort

The windows block the heat outside the building keeping the space cooler and occupants more comfortable. You can realize additional space utilization compared to traditional facade solutions.

Eliminate Shades

View Smart Glass eliminates the need for shades and associated maintenance. Building occupants are comfortable while enjoying unobstructed views.

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