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View Protect is a smart window-based building security solution that instantaneously detects glass breakage.

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Introducing View ProtectTM

Glass break sensors have long been a top line of defense in building security. However, traditional sensors rely on detecting audio frequencies or vibrations, resulting in many costly false alarms.

View now has the most reliable solution. View Protect is the industry's first cloud-connected, software-based glass-break detection system offering 100% coverage of all glass surfaces, with no added sensors.

Simply Smarter Security

A software add-on to your View Smart Glass installation, offering 100% coverage for all of your glass surfaces.

Say Goodbye to False Alarms

Say Goodbye to False Alarms

View only sends alerts when the electrical signal running through the glass is interrupted, so there are no false alarms.

Saves Cost, Reduces Hassle

Saves Money, Reduces Hassle

No additional hardware means no upfront installation or maintenance requirements. Once View Protect is activated, alerts are sent to you by text, voice, or email.

Keeps Your Building Beautiful

Keeps Your Building Beautiful

View Protect is completely invisible, so you can keep the windows and walls clean and uncluttered while still enjoying superior protection.

24-7-365 Monitoring and Protection

24/7/365 Monitoring and Protection

Relax knowing we’ve got your back. We'll alert you when a glass break occurs. You can easily configure the notifications by using the View Building Manager web interface.

How It Works

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When glass breaks, View Smart Glass sends a signal to our monitoring system.

Accurate Alerts with View - icon


You are notified with the details: location, zone, and exact time of the breakage.

Easy Replacement of View Windows - icon


Your View customer success manager will confirm the glass breakage and coordinate the replacement.

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