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Make a Sound Investment in Natural Light

Buildings with View Dynamic Glass gain immediate savings with HVAC downsizing, no mechanical shading, while commanding higher rent premiums.

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The Lake Union Building

Churchill Hall

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JP Morgan, CalSTRS and Schnitzer West deliver Denver’s most enlightened office experience featuring View Dynamic Glass
Civica Cherry Creek - Denver, CO.

Civica Cherry Creek

Denver, CO
  • View is a key feature of best-in-class amenities package.
  • Greater comfort: over 4,500 hours of additional natural daylight by using View Dynamic Glass instead of blinds.
  • $300,000 in savings realized by downsizing HVAC and eliminating blinds and shades.
  • Over 400 sq ft of additional rentable space, equivalent to $250,000 higher asset value, by downsizing core mechanicals.

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