The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel

The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel

A unique boutique hotel with a pop-culture theme, the Curtis DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton, located in downtown Denver, encourages guests to immerse themselves in the experience of staying there. When heat and glare threatened a part of the hotel’s ambience, the Curtis turned to View Dynamic Glass to quickly restore the atmosphere.

The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel
  • West-facing lounge area made comfortable after View Dynamic Glass retrofit
  • Creates an environment where guests and customers stay comfortable
  • Dynamic windows helps client reclaim an unused space


As the hotel itself says, “You don’t just stay at the Curtis, you experience it!” Unfortunately, due to the southwest exposure in one of the sunniest cities in the country, visitors to this unique hotel often experienced uncomfortable heat and glare, particularly in the event and retail café spaces. The hotel needed a solution that could restore the comfort of its patrons and be installed with minimum disruption to business, as the café was in a high-foot-traffic area in the heart of downtown.


View teamed up with the Curtis to retrofit View Dynamic Glass in the existing framing in the street-level café and the Marco Polo ballroom. The replacement was straightforward and completed in just one night after the café closed. The café re-opened the next day with no impact to business and with an exciting addition to the facade that customers and staff noticed right away.


View Dynamic Glass enabled the Curtis to preserve the engaging and fun experience of the hotel with greater guest comfort and to provide an uninterrupted connection to the city’s pulse. Dynamic Glass is a perfect complement to the welcoming, modern design of the Curtis and supports the luxury guest experience the hotel promotes.

A day after the glass was installed in the café, customers sat next to the tinted windows and stayed longer.

“View Dynamic Glass has been a great success for the Curtis,” says JoAnn Elston, general manager. “The café installation sees daily use and feedback from the customers has been overwhelmingly positive. In our ballroom, the Dynamic Glass will serve as a modern complement to our recent renovation. Guests in both spaces can continue to enjoy spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains or the Denver Performing Arts Complex in complete comfort. We are very pleased with this collaboration.”


  • Promotes usability of event space and café
  • Improves ambience and provides natural light
  • Generates excitement and awe from hotel guests and café customers

Project Specifications



El Paso Glass

Glazing System

Project Type:


System Type:


Make & Model:

Kawneer Trifab 451

IGU Makeup



Outboard lite:

6mm tempered clear with EC on surface #2


1/2" black warm edge spacer

Inboard lite:

6mm tempered clear